From Where I Stand

From where I stand I can see a volcano erupting and up-above there are some red, yellow and orange clouds. I can hear dinosaurs stomping on the green, towering grass just like pins dropping on the hard metal floor. When I went to dinosaur land I could smell dinosaur poo and wee it smelt disgusting. I can taste dinosaur poo when I tasted it I felt sick. Between the trees there are some dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are as scary as a monster. The tall, enormous trees are fat like an elephant. Have you ever been to dinosaur land?

by Harvey Ca

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From Where I Stand

From where I stand I can see my immense, mammoth, wide and colossal underground cooking bunker. Beside the scrawny crisps is a disgusting wooden box like a squashed dust pan and brush. From where I stand I can smell my spectacular, extraordinary and marvelous red carrots in my freezing white freezer. Down below in my extra fridge is my ice cream and when it is a boiling hot day I take one out with me all the time and they are the sweetest.

By Thomas


From Where I Stand

From where I stand I can see the grey, crumbly and old rocks falling from some rocky mountains. I can hear the grey, loud bombs falling down and the water fall falling onto the old green bridge. The sparkly, shiny water fall is falling on the brown, broken shipwreck and people are getting to sea by climbing up the ancient, seaweed rocks. I can smell oil coming from the exploding bombs. I can smell the flesh of ugly, dead people in the sharky, smelly water. After, I could touch the crumbly, black rocks falling onto the broken shipwreck. There was a pirate and out of the corner of his eye he saw some sparkly gold.

By Jayden

From Where I Stand

From where I stand I can see jelly bean dinosaurs lurking in the distance of Candy Land.  I can also see the dinosaurs eating the candy sticks from the trees in the distance and can see lizards climbing up the trees on the land of candy. From where I stand I can hear the lizards croaking in the trees, kangaroos are jumping and dinosaurs are roaring. From where I stand I can taste the candy floss clouds, the jelly beans and a lollipop tree. Also, I can see strange jelly bean people in the candy village while there are chocolate mountains in the distance. From where I can smell candy corn with vegetarians eating it and carnivores eating people.

From Jaden